Sabtu, 01 September 2012

It's So Complicated - Dancing With The Moon

Well,hello everyone..i'm back...
I barely listen to anything new for at least 2 weeks,and it makes me really,really bored..
So,i decided to check some of my college friends' works,since i thought it might give me some inspiration.

And the song i decided to hear today is "Dancing With The Moon" by It's So Complicated,my friend's band which consisted of Purwacaraka Music School students.As the name suggest,their formation is quite complicated for me.They had four guitarists in their band.

Yes.Four,your eyes didn't deceive you.Despite the amount of guitarist involved in their band,their music come out as an easy listening song,with some funky groove,and a trace of hard rockin',guitar shredding style in the middle of song.The guitar solo in recording was played by Hengky Jie,which is my friend that also learn  electric guitar under guidance of Michael Alexander.

The other members are a vocalist (which is a girl),a drummer and a a bassist.The singer's voice somehow reminds me to Candice Night of Blackmore's Night,due to both are female and the former's delicate yet strong voice,despite ISC's vocalist sounds more towards jazzy or smooth vocals rather than medieval style vocals like Candice.The drummer sounds really nice in the recording.Sadly,i can't really hear the bass,though i wish to hear it.

The song itself started with a double stop riffs,then it breaks to 2 rhythm sections,one which provides a wah-driven shuffle,a typical characteristic of a groovy tunes.And a clean strumming rhythm(but i don't know who played it surely,who cares about it anyway,just hear it!). The song had a quite solid verse,and the pre-chorus that i had heard before (It looks like Steven Leo,one of the guitarists and also my fellow friend in Untar,sang the pre-final version of the pre-chorus accompanied by a repeated riffs with a guitar,but the words are quite different.)

But what really took my attention are the solos and fills (yeah,i'm more a guitar maniac when it comes to a song).I've questioned my friend,and it turns out Hengky Jie was the one that played the solo,while i already suspected him,since the guitar's tone and the licks are quite similar to his playing at general.The solo isn't the shredfest type of solo,but a rather progression-based solo,which is great.
It builds from slow passages then goes to a legato phrases,then they closed the solo with tremolo picked riffs,along with last chorus.The song ends with a sustaining guitar note.

Overall,This song is a great debut single for them,despite at first,i don't really like their studio-video recording sounds which is rather crude,unlike this recording.I like the mixing of the song.It sounds quite bright,clean and crunchy.But also sounds quite processed and clear,which is quite great for a debut recording.

And for cons (no offense,it's really a subjective matters) : I don't really like how the wah goes almost throughout the song.I thought it's quite overused.But it still quite nice since they don't abuse the wah on the solo.This opinion is really subjective,since i don't really like wah EFX.

For you who wants to hear,you can go to this link to download it,it's free!

Thanks for Steven Leo for the permission..See ya readers next time,and keep rockin'! :)

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