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Decision...and 15 Epic Songs

Okay,everyone..hello again,it's been a while since m last post..
Well,i've decided 2 major changes to my fuckin' blog,you know what is it?

If you have read the older post and compare it with this post,you'll definetely know it..yeah,i've decided to posts in english for future posts.

Why did i decide to change the language i write the post? well,everything happens for a reason,but i had 2 reasons :
1. To improve my own english vocabulary,pronouncation and grammar.
as you can see,english is not my native language,so you can see many mistakes in my writing.
But i really wished that i can speak and write in english perfectly,so i think writing english in my blog will significantly improves my english

2. To make my blog understandable for international readers
Well,this is really a stupid,yet obvious reasons.I also wish that in english,my blog will become more exposed since many people search any shits on google with english words..lol

And what's the second "major change"?

Well,since i wished the blog to be more exposed,i must aim seriously,so i decide that this blog will dominated by hard rock,heavy metal,blues,and other rock  genres,though i'll keep posts other genres and some of my guilty pleasures..xD

Okay,let's start my first english post..:)


First thing first,what's the definition of epic?

Epic,as an adjective means grand,heroic,or huge.

So what the fuck is "epic" song?
Let's sum up the meaning of epic with songs...
A grand,heroic,or huge songs..
LOL,that sounds really forced,but it's described what i mean close enough

Well,what i mean "epic songs" is not a genre,but rather a grand,usually long and mood-driving songs,regardless of genres.But since i want to focused on rock music,i'll post some "epic" rock songs..(although i love some classical tunes that have an "epic" overtones,such as "Ride of The Valkyries" by Richard Wagner,"Brandenburg Concerto" by Johann Sebastian Bach or "Beethoven 9th Symphony" by Ludwig Van Beethoven,obviously)

And please consider this,i don't post the "best" songs,since those are the songs i've heard recently,and more importantly,i just give some suggestions and share some music worth listening to you,and every people opinions are subjective.And don't say something stupid if things aren't going as you expected,nobody cares about your ranting :p

I've posted 2 Queen songs,since they are REALLY awesome at making this kind of shit.Don't bitchin' on me just because i don't post "Bohemian Rhapsody","We Are The  Champions" By Queen or "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin! I really liked those songs,but those songs are overexposed and i think it's pointless to promote that song anymore,since it's already well known,even in mainstream media.

1. Child In Time
By : Deep Purple
Album : In Rock (1970)

Overview :
The epic track of the first hard rock album in Deep Purple's Discography,("In Rock",was the first MKII's studio albums as well as their breakthrough to hard rock and heavy metal genres,since they were a progressive/psychedelic rock band in 60's) this track shines out as one of best Deep Purple song,although it's somewhat inspired (some even said plagiarized) from It's A Beautiful Day's track called "Bombay Calling". Not only offers the gloomy mood,then progressively transformed to killer hard rocker track,this song also show us what Deep Purple capable of! From Ian Gillan's awesome vocals,crazy solo by Blackmore,to Glover's buried,yet solid basslines

What's Make it Epic :
The Mood.
This song starts out as a simple ballad ,but it later built up onto heavier directions and the tempo also increased systematically,but what makes it awesome is,the progressions remains the same until the last part,it's only an A minor progressions which consisted F,G,and Am itself,but it's ultimately effective

Gillan's falsetto.
You can say,that "Child in Time" is the golden pinacle of Gillan's career.You can see how high,and controlled Gillan is on this track,where he screams some falsettos "Aaaaah Aaah Aaaaah!" many times,and keep in tune! But his falsettos isn't just a skill exposition,it's perfectly matched,even made the mood of this song.

Include Ritchie Blackmore himself to your band/works are already epic...lol
You can't hear the guitar until the middle part of this song,which will make you questions yourself "How can this stupid douchebag said Blackmore is the essential part of this song?".But after it breaks into the solo,you'll PERFECTLY understand what i mean.

It's a chaotic yet quite random noodling in key of A Minor,but the solo effectively makes this song complete.And for those shredding geeks,this song shows some nice sweeping licks by Blackmore,which undoubtly raise the standards for the guitarist in 70's,and inspired numerous shredders in 80's,such as Yngwie Malmsteen,Paul Gilbert,Tony MacAlpine,and many more.

2. The Prophet's Song
By : Queen
Album : A Night At The Opera

Overview :
This track is often overlooked or maybe forgotten by mainstream media,and even some of my friends that said loved Queen doesn't know this song!
It's quite understandable,since this song is on same album as the infamous "Bohemian Rhapsody",the most popular songs in Queen catalogue,so the people tend to only pay attention to the latter.

But Queen is MUCH MORE than "Bohemian Rhapsody".This song (also many other songs from Queen catalogues) proves this and showed us that Queen is more than a mainstream yet popular rock band we know.

"Oh oh,people of the earth! Listen to the warning the seer he said!"
first words of "The Prophet's Song"

"The Prophet's Song" has some progressive and "medieval" overtones.It's tell us about that story about Noah's Ark and the great flood in the bible,which is hinted us that Queen often write songs about an epic story or a fantasy.The vocals really bring the epic atmosphere to us,just as expected,it's fuckin' Freddie Mercury!

But the real highlights of this album is the echo-choir part in the middle,which give me goosebumps first time i heard it (and still amuse me even today)

What's Make it Epic :

The Echo-Choir Part.
The most epic part of this song! Just hear it yourself,and you'll know what i mean!
Don't need words to describe this!

As many of us know,Queen is famous for Freddie Mercury's powerful yet distinguishable voice.Even,the mainstream media labeled Queen is Freddie Mercury!
But it's not completely wrong,at least on this track.Freddie nailed this one,again..
He successfully delivered the story of great flood in bible into an epic opus with his powerful voice.

3. Kashmir
By : Led Zeppelin
Album : Physical Grafitti (1975)

Overview :
One of the most well-known Zep's song,this song is one of the songs that made into Zep's live performance staples. Originally was going to called "Driving To Kashmir",the song featured a notable riffs composed on alternate tunings,D A D G A D (Open DSus4).All members of Led Zeppelin considered this song as their best achievement,even called it "A definitive Led Zeppelin song".Started with a heavy,thumping riff with an equivalent thunderous drums,mixed with a flanger,this song brings some heavyness "that's not heavy metal".

What's Make it Epic :
Bonham's Drumming
I don't even need to describe this shit..The "John Bonham" name itself already means "Epic Drumming".But the drumming in this track really stands out his playing even more! His drums sounds like a cannon,powerful and devastating! Also,Page includes some flanger into the drum track,an unique and rather "out-of-the-box" approach to mixing drums.

Page Riffs
Page may be a sloppy player when it comes to lead guitar playing,but you CAN'T deny his tasty yet epic riffings,and this song must be one of his best riffs ever!

4. Bach Onto This
By : Jon Lord (R.I.P)
Album : Before I Forget (1982)

Overview :
Jon Lord always known as one of "trinity" that shape the real,and loved Deep Purple,while the two other men are Drummer Ian Paice,and of course that dark,moody,and temperamental guitarist,Ritchie Blackmore.

Lord was known as the one that brings classical influence to Purple besides Blackmore.His massive riffs,his unique classical phrases on organ,and his suite works really shows his capabilities as organ player.

In one of his solo albums,Before I Forget,i found a song that really blows me away,no other than classical-inspired Bach Onto This. As the name suggest,it shows Lord fascination to Johann Sebastian Bach works.It even had one phrases from the famous "Toccata and Fugue" by Johann Sebastian Bach!

In fact,i've finished this article since long tima ago,but i forgot the password (fool me) of this blog and at last i remember.Sadly,Jon was already gone when i managed to opened this blog.Rest In Peace,Jon,your contribution to music will be long-lasting,and rock in paradise with your fellow musicians there! :D

What's Make It Epic :
Did i have to say? Jon Lord organ playing is virtuous,yet epic and catchy at same time,just listen to this track yourself and you'll know what i mean!

By : Rainbow
Album : Rising

Overview :
It looks that act partially and prefer to wrote about Ritchie Blackmore and other people related to Deep Purple,but it's because they have many of works that are underrated.This one is the example.Stargazer was the song that makes my keyboardist respect Rainbow and Ritchie Blackmore,and also the song that gives me such a goosebumps when i hear the solo.

Looks like Blackmore will never be apart from be the part of "Holy Trinity" in his peak of career.He's the part of "Holy Trinity" of Deep Purple,with Ian Paice,and Jon Lord.Deep Purple are also considered as one of Holy Trinity of Heavy Metal by many metalheads and critics alike,alongside Black Sabbath (obviously),and Led Zeppelin.In Rainbow,There are the other trinity that makes it epic,it's trio of Blackmore,Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P),and the drummer Cozy Powell (R.I.P)

What does this song have with that trinity? Well,obviously,this song is the one that show you the capabilities of Rainbow Holy Trinity,from Blackmore riffs and soloing,Dio's powerful voice,to Powell's drumming!

What's Make It Epic :
Ritchie Blackmore Guitar Playing
Okay,i guess you'll say "yeah,enough of this all Blackmore flattering,blah blah blah! We know he's great and all!".But i won't stop there,lol.Ritchie Blackmore lays down an epic riffs in this one (one of his best in my opinion),and the song isn't that fast-paced songs like "Kill The King" off "Long Live Rock and Roll" EP,or "Highway Star" off Deep Purple's "Machine Head".This song itself are similar to slow-paced yet progressive heavy metal such as Sabbath type-riffs.But what stands out in this song (once again) is Blackmore's solo,which has some middle-eastern flavour and gives me a goosebumps first time i hear it!

Ronnie Dio's Lyric and voice
Dio always known as one of the best singers in the scene,also the singer that often write lyrics about medieval themes,or some said "dungeon and dragons shit",and this song is one of them.It tells us the story of slavery and evil wizard,which gives some medieval and dark (i love it!) atmosphere to the listener.

Cozy Powell's Drumming
Well,Cozy didn't do anything virtuous here though he's a skilled drummer.But his solid-paced drumming really gives a nice touch to rhythmic pace of this song.Also,his drum intro is simply epic,and cool as hell too!

6.Princes of The Universe
By : Queen
Album : A Kind Of Magic (1986)

Overview :
Another hidden gem beneath another gem in Queen's discography (Well,Queen mainstream hits are epic,but i thought their forgotten works are the best). This song was written as the soundtrack for 80's movie "Highlander" and included in their "A Kind Of Magic" LP.

This song is another breed compared to Queen lengthy,epic songs.It only last for 3:33 seconds,yet it still gives you that "epic" chills and your thirst for "epicness"!

The song structure itself is more toward straight-forward hard rock/heavy metal songs,but improved with melodical approach of Freddie Mercury's vocal,that makes it sounds really theatrical and cool.

What's Make It Epic :
I didn't need to tell you about Freddie Mercury's vocal ability,eh? We all know Freddie is the best in this kind of track.But when you watch the video of this song,you can really feel this song epicness.
You can see that Freddie engage a mic stand-sword fight with an immortal from Highlander movie,makes us to think that he's a godlike entity (well,he is :) ),and for May himself,instead of wielding his famous Red Special,he wield another epic axe,a Washburn RR11V,which is a cool V shaped guitar,also his fast riff playings really make us demand for more guitar-oriented songs by Queen,which sadly will never happen since Mercury isn't with us anymore and Queen is finished :(

7.Under A Glass Moon
By : Dream Theater
Album : Images And Words (1992)

Overview :
Dream Theater is known as one of most overall technical band of modern days,since all of their members are  considered as virtuosos in their respective departements.Many of people criticized them for being "Exercise-Music" type of band or having "No-Soul" and "Only Speed,Speed is Nothing" band,which of course proved false.Dream Theater gives us some nice,sweet ballads such as "Spirit Carries On","Another Day",or "Wither",good solid instrumentals and some unique songs like "Home" off Metropolis Part II LP.

This song is known as one of their most known songs,mostly for Petrucci's memorable,yet technical solo in this song.But for me,the progression for this song is what makes this song really counts.From a slow intro,to epic  mid paced riffs,then the solos.It just as epic as that.

What's Make It Epic :
All of Dream Theater are epic.But as many people said,John Petrucci is really shine in this track,despite my former claims that the songs progression of Under A Glass Moon is what make it epic,John Petrucci really makes this track remarkable and distinctive from another DT's tracks

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