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Gary Moore - Run For Cover Review

Well folks,i just create this post to kill some time in attempt to make myself busy and get sleepy,since it seems i can't sleep..

And for some odd reason i remembered the greats who already passed away,such as John Bonham,Jon Lord,or Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy,and speaking of Thin Lizzy,i almost forgot that great Gary Moore was also one of their guitarist (R.I.P to Gary Moore,as well)

Recently,i dug into Gary Moore's stuffs,not the bluesy stuffs post-Still Got The Blues era,but rather the pre-Still Got The Blues era,the era that many of Gary Moore blues fans unaware of,but remains as such a hidden treasures and worth listening to many hard rockers,metalheads,and of course,guitar enthusiast.

There are many of great Gary Moore's album,but i'll start with my personal favorite,Run For Cover,a nice yet heavy album released back then in 1985.This album also considered as Moore's breakthrough album,and features one of his most known single,Out In The Fields

Okay,we'll start the review,here we go! (I'll only mention some notable tracks and tracks that i like in this album,but it almost everything there

The track started with the title track,Run For Cover,which features synth riffs and of course power chord riffs ala hard rock and heavy metal songs.One thing that i notice when i first hear this song is,Moore started composed the songs to match his range,as opposed to his earlier albums that he often pushed himself to sings in high notes.But it's great,nevertheless.

Back to the title track,this track is really a great opener,it has elements that a killer hard rock songs,from punching riffs to tearing solo! Tearing solo? Yes! Tearing solo! Gary Moore hidden gem that you can't really found in his later works are his shredding and tasty flashy chops.It's quite sad that Moore tends to held back in his later days,even until his death!

The next song is Reach for the sky,which is a nice song,but not as great as the former,i guess it's a filler?

The third song get my attention once more,started with menacing drums and powerful riffs,the lyrics tells us about some man that had trained to be a soldier in war.And for unknown reasons,i always liked political or war-related theme in lyrics,such as like in Megadeth's Rust In Peace LP.Although this song started with heavy riffs,in the middle,it breaks into some slow yet mellow parts and some tasteful ballad solo,Gary Moore's trademark,but what's really the highlights is the outro solo,when the mood back to fast paced and heavy.

The next song is one of Gary Moore's classic tune,Empty Rooms.As you know,it's a mid-paced ballad,dominated with keyboard riffs,which is actually quite nice for me (i always like keyboard works,as long it's raw and not overproduced like many of today's band synth works),and if you speak about Gary Moore classic,a melodic solo is unresistable,whether it's short or the long one.It's a short one here.The song ended with the old trick,a fadeout.

The next song that really caught my attention is the 6th track,Out in The Fields.As the song started,what i thought was "the song sounds like some power metal stuffs"(or it was the opposite?),and yeah,it sounds like one,even it's the lone bass riffs in the first verse,along with vocal lines.The chorus is quite catchy and nice,which shows that Gary Moore had some great potential at heavier songs.But the excitement isn't over yet,after the bridge,you'll hear one of the most mindblowing studio solo ever recorded by the mighty Gary Moore.It's quite a short one,but it's just fast,cool,and more importantly,effective. Just hear the fast runs he did in 2:57.Even Moore himself got some hard time play it live sometimes!

Nothing to Lose is the next one,while always loved flashy guitar works,i really like the way Gary sings here,and some guitar fills he brought here are epic,though not as great as the other,but he still did some nice tricks like divebombs,and even a little raked hammer-ons stuffs.And the track had some nice groovy,yet bluesy feels

We move to Once in a Lifetime.For some reasons,i thought this song is the commercial one in the album.It sounds so catchy,but still awesome (Well,i like some commercial hard rock,or even glam metal as well,even though i liked thrash stuffs too!),once again in our lifetime (pun intended),Moore lays of another melodic solo in this one as well.He's really a genius at making those melodic solos! The one that i consider genius such as him in this kind of thing is,no other than Michael Schenker.

The ninth track is All Messed Up,which is another great straight-up,and had some 80's feel, rocker song.In this track,the guitar really dominates and i really can't hear the keyboards that dominate in earlier songs.The nice parts of this song is the drum-vocal parts that comes after the solo,i don't know why,but it have some epic atmosphere around it,and the epicness isn't over yet,some short guitar-vocal trade-offs thing and outro solo cames after,along with the fadeout

The last song,Listen To Your Heartbeart,is another nice ballad,but much more less famous than Empty Rooms.But it doesn't mean this song is dull.It's got some nice feel as well,but i prefer Empty Rooms better,as this song is kind of sink or swim to me,sometimes it really touch me,while the other times it simply pass and i didn't even give any attention to it,but nevertheless,it's the great closer for a great album.

Overall,i would give this album a 4.5 out of 5.Too bad i never see one for sale here,i really want to have this LP so badly.And for Gary Moore "blues" fans,try this stuff out too,you'll listen the other,but also as great as the bluesy Gary Moore.

Well,thanks for the music,Gary! Rest In Peace! :D

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